Dee Broughton
English Language Specialist,


Hello, I’m Dee Broughton. I’m an English language teacher, teacher-trainer, and specialist in designing educational materials and curricula and in teaching academic research writing in developing educational systems.


In 2009, I wrote the curriculum for and directed the opening of a small language school in rural Oaxaca, Mexico.
At home in the U.S., I taught academic writing to first year and international graduate students and ran internships and practica for international pre-service teachers at the University of Idaho.


Away from Idaho, I created an online writing class and continued teaching UI grad students. That course is now being developed to run online for scholars in developing countries.
In 2012 and 2013, I was a Senior Fellow with the U.S. Department of State’s English Language Fellow program in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India where I worked with hundreds of primary, secondary, and university teachers.


You can find some of my materials developed for teachers in India on my blog about my experiences as a Senior Fellow working with the faculty of H.M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research.
In India, I published several textbooks, including a stand-alone transition course called Bridges: Activities for Thinking, Speaking, and Writing English. With Bridges, I introduced a new design called StudyDo.


Bridges has been very popular with learners of all ages and has been adopted by a national English program for teens in Sri Lanka. You can sign up to download the book and watch videos I created of teachers using the book in classrooms.
After the Fellowship, I returned to India as an English Language Specialist in teacher training, academic and research writing, and materials and curriculum development.
While there, I developed a new MA-ELT curriculum and finished a second StudyDo book, Bridges to Academic Writing. In fall of 2014, I consulted for a non-profit based in Burundi and wrote a grant for them to create a new language curriculum for the primary schools there.

Book Launch Uzbekistan

In 2015-2016, I led a year-long project to train 134 university teachers in Uzbekistan in the fundamentals of principle-based materials design. The project culminated in a new StudyDo book, B2 Ready, that serves both as a template for effective language learning designs and a textbook in language and academic writing for students preparing for university. For summer 2016, I returned to Uzbekistan to train scholars in research writing.

84 4x4 Sunrader

I’ve been an editor at DOAJ and am a member of COPE. Through these, I’ve worked with international scholars and open-access journals to promote international standards of academic integrity.
I’m a member of MATSDA and continue developing materials. Currently, I’m finishing up a a new StudyDo book for B2 level academic writing. This fall, I’ll be back in the U.S. teaching international graduate students at University of Maryland.
If I’m not working, I’m probably playing guitar or roaming the U.S. in my rare 4X4 Sunrader. If you’d like to see more of my work, please get in touch.